Magalli Services




*Photography of Real Estate Properties and Surrounding Area

*Photography of Buildings for Architectural Presentation

*Photography of New Construction and Building Sites

*Photography of Industrial and Commercial Sites

*Photography of Business, Industrial and Commercial Operations


Editing, Altering, Restoring Images

*Fixing up YOUR images of the property or operation

*Altering (within ethical boundaries) images of the property or operation

*Fixing or altering my images of the scene as per your instructions (example: adding grass, flowers, sky detail and removing garbage cans, etc.)



All pricing is done on a one on one basis to fit the needs and the parameters of the client and the job.

Prices can start at $250 for the simple jobs up to $2100+ for more complicated jobs, depending on the time and equipment needed.

I expect payment in advance. There is an option that 1/2 down can be worked out at signing of contract and the other half on commencement of the job.

My prices are competitive and may be negotiable. I strive to give more than I promise if at all possible.

I provide a written agreement in advance and an invoice/receipt when the job is finished.

The client is provided with a disk of the images in small resolution but may request larger resolution files for no extra charge.

All images are the property of Magalli Images and are for the specified use (contract) only and are not to be used or sold for profit.

Please contact me if there is any reason to need other use of these photographs and get permission.

A folder on my portfolio site may be provided for viewing the proofs before the final disk is made.

Magalli Post Card Front and Back

Magalli Post Card Front and Back

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